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Concrete Shapes & Sculptures

Roof Pavers, Air Conditioning pads, Fountains, Capstones, Foundation Blocks, Splash Blocks, Coffee Tables & Parking Curbs.  We can do many custom precast items as well.

In addition to our quality precast steps, we offer many other products to enhance your structures and grounds. Of course, all our products are manufactured to the highest quality and carry our guarantee for durability and workmanship.

A. Garden Borders – Each border has six attractive scallops, Available in plain cement color only, Each section is 2 feet long and 10 inches high.

B. Parking Curbs – Built rugged to last. Available in 6 & 8 foot lengths.

C. Air Conditioning Pads – Made according to your specifications from a proven perlite mix. A full 3 inches thick.

D. Square Stepping Stones – Convenient and practical. Our stepping stones come in plain or aggregate finishes and are available in 12, 16 and 18 inch squares.

E. Cap Stones – Ideal for fences and corner posts. Made to your specifications.

F. Round Stepping Stones – An attractive addition to any landscape. Also available in plain or aggregate finishes that range in size from 12 to 36 inches in diameter.

G. Splash Blocks – Use to prevent unsightly and harmful erosion. Blocks available in the popular 12 by 24 inch size.